10 Best Snowmobile Gloves for Cold fingers 2021 Reviewed

Warmest Snowmobile gloves 2020 review

Getting the warmest snowmobile gloves is quite an impressive winter wear to take part in outdoor activities like Skiing, trail, mountain, snowboarding, or snowmobile riding especially those in extremely cold regions like Canada, Australia.

Whether you are on snow traveling or engaging in recreational activities, you probably need the best snowmobile gloves for cold fingers and also keeping other areas of your hand warm.

Exposing your hand to snow and cold wind by not wearing the right pair of hand gloves will jeopardize your chances of having fun or coming on top. When your palm and fingers go numb or freeze you are likely to back out for the day.

As an expert or a beginner venturing into the above snow activities, getting the warmest snowmobile gloves will help a lot, but prove difficult to get top quality as many winter gloves with new innovation are being manufactured every season. Also, gloves for snowmobiling are pretty different from the regular heated gloves because you are likely to get direct touch with snow. So you need winter gloves with 3M Thinsulate insulation.

Our team of experts has placed time on professionalism by taking a critical view on various kinds of cold weather gloves for snowmobile available in the market. Some of the gears include Carhartt, Klim Klimate gloves, and some top quality ones with padded knuckles and thin insulation.

Best Snowmobile Gloves 2021 Reviewed

Here are some of the warmest snowmobile gloves to consider on your next pick. But we encourage you to know rightfully well no product is perfect, so we present an unbiased review before you.

1. KLIM Klimate Glove 5X Black

KLIM Klimate Glove 5X Black Review

KLIM is a top-notch brand to consider and among first to mention when it comes to snowmobile or skiing gloves with quality.

This winter glove offers complete warmness and dry hands in extremely cold weather below 20 degrees because of its GORE-TEX design. Your fingers and back of the hand are padded with 3m Thinsulate insulation of about 200 grams proven to be great cold preventer.

I love Klim Klimate because the palm is also designed with 3m Thinsulate insulation upgraded material which increases grip and durability on a sled.

We can’t talk about quality without making mention of size and fit which is a major factor to consider, this snow gloves fit and true to size making it one of the warmest work gloves to pick.


  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • Grip and Durability
  • Gore-Tex Guaranteed
  • 100 Gram on Palm


  • One Color

2. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt is no doubt one of the best waterproof insulated gloves which are of real top-quality to use for snowmobile riding and provides warmth. This product is made with modern technology-assisted with 100% polyester capable of preventing moisture or heavy rain penetration.

Another fantastic reason to list this glove for snowmobiling is because of the PU palm material and fast dry lining that keeps sweat away for comfort when worn for a long time.

Carhartt is a great investment for snowmobile riders because of the reinforced digital grip palm with stick grip finger area and thumb. They offer different cuff designs including stretch fleece, hook-loop Cuff Closure, Gauntlet w, or Neoprene W.

This glove is also suitable for other working activities and offers high Dexterity when you need the accuracy of a bare hand, protection, comfort, and durability of a top-quality work glove.

However, perfection is far from any human-made as few persons still complain about the size capability with their hands. So you have to be observant with size in picking this winter work glove despite is cheaper.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Fleece and Knit
  • Waterproof Liner
  • PU Palm
  • High Dexterity


  • Low Quality Material
  • Low Heat

3. Castle X Mission Men’s Snowmobile Gloves

Castle X Mission Men’s Snowmobile Gloves

If you are searching for a durable Men’s waterproof and windproof glove, a pair of this will make your day because of its breathable membrane and DWR coating design.

Back of hand and palm is padded with 3M Thinsulate insulation of about 60 grams. While the fingers and knuckles are Neoprene padded flex.

The lining of these gloves is superb for your maximum comfort and you definitely don’t need an extra glove liner.

It is manufacture with durability in mind because of the 500D Airdura fabric that prevents gloves from breaking or wearing off in time.

Castle X Mission is recommendable gloves for snowmobiling because of its silicone-treated fingers and pre-curved for increase gripping of your motor sled handling. Castle X Mission is one of the best Thinsulate gloves with such warmth.

Ensure you pick your right size as they offer a range of sizes, but comes in black color while some other spec comes in black and orange design.


  • Silicone treated fingers for increased grip
  • Windproof and Waterproof Liner
  • Pre-curved fingers and palm
  • Super soft Bemberg lining
  • Neoprene padded flex panels on fingers and knuckles
  • 3M Thinsulate


4. KLIM Summit Men’s Snowmobile Gloves

KLIM Summit Men's Snowmobile Gloves

Wow! You may be surprised to see this product again; believe me, it isn’t a mistake to get featured again because the Klim summit is another top-quality snowmobile glove. This particular glove from the Klim family is outstanding for 100% Dexterity and tactility with the impact of Gore-Tex and Gore grip technology design.

The back of hand and knuckles are padded with Poron Sr impact foam for comfort and durability but it is a non-insulated glove. While you can as well provide extra heat by getting a Klim liner for an extreme cold weather condition below 20 degrees.

You may want to know more advantages over other Klim gloves, this make is specially designed for a rough and rugged terrine. However, no product is perfect so let see its pros and cons.


  • Gore-tex Grip
  • Windproof and Waterproof Liner
  • Poron Sr Impact Foam On Top-of-hand And Knuckles
  • Dexterity And Tactility


  • Non-Insulated

5. Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Snowmobile Gloves

Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men's Snowmobile Gloves

Joe Rocket Wind Chill is one of the best leather snowmobile gloves and also trail ridding. It is made with complete leather although.

It has an integrated high-density knuckle armor for great impact and comfort. This product is waterproof dry protection and insulated warmth for extremely cold conditions.

It has a secure hook and loop wrist closure which ensures firmness to your hand and adjustable when needs arise. The palm is about 100-gram Thinsulate and good heating capacity.

Although this pair of winter gloves may take little time to get dry if used in a heavy downpour because the waterproof layer and insulation is under the leather.

Notwithstanding doubts, it a great investment because of its multipurpose and one of the best winter heated motorcycle gloves.


  • Top Quality Cowhide Leather
  • 101 G Thinsulate
  • Integrated High Density Knuckle Armor
  • Waterproof Dry
  • Vibration dissipating gel palm
  • Pre-Curved Riding Fingers


  • Short Cuff

6. Castle X Legacy Women’s Snowmobile Gloves

Castle X Legacy Women’s winter Gloves

Women’s winter gloves are quite different from men’s own because of size. Male gloves tend to bigger and longer in size, so great emphasis should be laid on size before picking as a woman or for females.

Castle X Legacy offers top quality Women’s snowmobile and snowboarding gloves made with plush nylon with 3M Thinsulate Platinum insulation. While the backhand and palm are padded with 200 grams, 150-gram Thinsulate respectively.

This product is made with waterproof and windproof material that guarantees dry and warm. It has a breathable full membrane and DWR coated shell materials which offer great comfort, durability.

Castle X Legacy product has an incredible female design with black and pink eye-catching color. It is compatible with touchscreen devices like smartphones, ATMs, GPS units, digital cameras, and more.

The fingers are pre-curved with integrated glass wiper on index finger for your snow glass if obscure by moisture or Sweat.


  • Plush nylon Material
  • 3M Thinsulate
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Waterproof Membrane and Hipora Windproof
  • Super soft Bemberg lining


  • Not for below 20 degree

7. Typhoon Helmets Premium Leather Snowmobile 3-Finger Trigger Finger Gloves Mittens

Typhoon Helmets Premium Leather Snowmobile 3-Finger Trigger Finger Gloves Mittens

If you are looking for a leather snowmobile mitten, this product of Typhoon Helmets is worth investing in. It is made all-round with genuine leather material preventing wind penetration.

This pair of gloves are designed with soft insulation made with lightweight 3M Thinsulate technology for cold weather at -20F.

The soft leather is a perfect wiper for a helmet and goggle glasses. While making a pick for this 3-finger snow mitten, pay attention to the size because they only offer a refund less than the original shipping charges.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • lightweight 3M Thinsulate glove
  • Long Cuff
  • 3-Finger Mittens with separate liners


  • A bit too stiff

8. Gordini Gore Promo Gauntlett Glove Men’s

Gordini Gore Promo Gauntlett Glove Men’s

Gordini Gore made this selected best snowmobile gloves for its 100% Polytex fabric which made it recommendable waterproof and windproof winter handwear.

This brand is designed with breathable Gore-Tex material for dry, warmth, and comfort. It is one of the best lightweight winter gloves with a remarkable impact of staying warm in -20-degree weather conditions in a region like Canada and Columbia.

The size is 90% true to size and offers great feedback from snowmobile and motorcycle riders. Definitely a worthwhile investment for your winter adventure and one of the warmest for snowmobiling.


  • Gore-Tex
  • Windproof Liner
  • lightweight Glove
  • Cheaper


  • Size Varies

9. FXR Men’s Fuel Glove 2021

FXR Men’s Fuel Glove 2020 best snowmobile gloves

FXR Men’s Fuel Glove is one of the top product to consider if you are need of glove with over 200 grams Thinsulate for maximum warmth.

The thumb is designed with a little suede wiper for your goggle lens and helmet glass. While the palm is made with grain leather waterproof material.

It breathes because of the Hiporamembrane liner polar fleece and also has an adjustable wrist strap. This pair has a pre-curved finger that fits the size and offers dexterity.

This is one of the best-padded snowmobile gloves you can actually think of and worth investment. Remains one of the best snowmobile gloves,


  • 300g Thinsulate
  • Windproof Liner
  • Long Cuff
  • Goggle Suade wiper on thumb
  • Pre-curved fingers


  • A little bit heavy

10. Swany SX-80M Men’s

Swany SX-80M Men's

Swany SX-80M Men’s is an all-round ski and boarding glove made with microfiber plus leather trim, while the palm is leather Shield with modern Duragrip design.

It is made with Tri-plex insulation technology that offers warmness and dry fingers. You don’t need extra glove lining because the interior is waterproof and breathable material capable of holding heat and also provides comfort.

Sawny is known for its water repellent capacity and one of the best mountain snowboard gloves you can lay your hands on worth its investments. Fit true to size and one of the best for snowmobiling.


  • Tri-plex insulation
  • Swany Dry lining
  • Goggle Suade wiper on thumb
  • Water repellent


  • Only available in Small Size

Alternaative Options

1. Kombi Women’s Storm Cuff III Gloves

Kombi Women's Storm Cuff III best snowmobile gloves

If you are a woman looking for windproof and waterproof gloves for snowmobiling, Kombi product should be a top pick because of its 100% Nylon and polyester.

The liner is 100% polyester that keeps your finger and hand completely warm with great comfort. It has a touchscreen PU thumb and Index finger for smart devices.

Kombi is woman multipurpose gloves for winter sports like Ski and snowmobile riding. They offer a variety of colors and sizes for a perfect fit.


  • Soft-Stretch fleece inner cuff
  • Touch-sensitive PU thumb
  • Dexterity


  • Low Quality Material

2. Klim Togwotee 16′ Men’s Ski Snowmobile Gloves

Klim Togwotee 16' Men's Ski Snowmobile Gloves

Being a top-quality product with a lot of brand within its winter hand warmer gears, Klim appears for the third time with Togwotee.

It is one of the warmest winter gloves for snow mountain climbing, motorcycle, and trail riding.

Togwotee comes with upgraded removable polyester fleece liner. The wrist is adjustable with full leather palm while the fingers designed with silicone grip.

This glove offers great comfort because of the padded knuckles and integrated goggle wiper.

However, the better side of this Klim Togwotee is being waterproof, Gore-Tex, and Gore grip technology which gives you firm handling of your motor sled made it one of the warmest snowmobile gloves.


  • Removable Deluxe Polyester Liner
  • Leather Palm
  • Dexterity
  • Goggle and helmet lens Wiper
  • Gore-Tex
  • Silicon Knuckles Padding


  • Average Insulation

Snowmobile Gloves Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

How to choose the best snowmobile gloves?

When you are to make a pick, you should consider the snow glove to be Waterproof, Windproof, Moisture barrier, Liner, Size, and if the need Glove or Mitten. Put these caterers before you will help you make the right choice even as a beginner or expert.

How do you keep your hands warm on a snowmobile?

Your hands are definitely to go warm after some time of riding but you need a top-quality and right size of Thinsulate snowmobile gloves with good insulation or padded. The gloves start to make you feel warmer as you begin the sled.

It may take a considerable amount of time to penetrate through their insulation, but are likely to retain the warmness for a longer period.

How should a snowmobile gloves fit?

When you are on winter tour or recreation on snow, the size of your gloves you put on is of great concern because you need top quality padded snowmobile gloves or mittens that fit your size and sometimes provide desirable warmth, dexterity, and comfort when riding the Skimobile.

How should I dress for snowmobile warm?

You need to put on top quality warming gears of the right sizes. You probably need Snow glasses, winter helmet to keep your head warm and windproof.

Getting quality ski socks in nylon, silk, polyester, or wool material will be of great help when used inside a snowmobile boot.

Use several layers of clothing to generate the right heating condition while you remove one after another if you feel too warm, but flexible wear with fittings as you add more layers of cloth.

Getting any of the best snowmobile gloves for cold fingers reviewed will complement your snow adventure.


I am glad you read to this point. Making the right choice demands some quality time and patience which you have just done. I’m sure this guide will help as no product is perfect but some will actually serve better.

Getting any of the above selected best snowmobile gloves can also substitute for snowboarding gloves as both are similar winter sport. Both are likewise, same wardrobe demands.

Accompany your winter heated gloves or mittens with any helmet, nylon or polyester made socks, winter suit, and goggle with be of great help to keep the cold far from you.

Winter helmet and goggle do not really need a specific brand for a snowmobiling or related snow sport as they are to protect you for safety and prevent wind & snow from entering your mouth and eyes.

If you have all at the right quality above before you, meaning you are set for warmest feeling in mountains, trail, snowboarding, and snowmobile riding even in extremely cold weather on -20F degree.

You can also read up on heated thin gloves for snowmobile if peradventure you are looking for less bulky gloves for snow outdoor activities.

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