Top 9 Best Goalkeeper Gloves Review for 2021

9 best Goal keeper gloves

I will guide you on choosing the best goalkeeper gloves suitable for tuff or hard ground. Read On!

The last man on the line of defense in a football playing formation is the goalkeeper. The position demands extra care, right judgment, concentration, and notable of all is confidence.

If you are one of the last men in defense of your team, you need a pair of the best soccer goalie gloves to enhance your performance whether you get involved in astroturf or hard ground. The most durable goalkeeper gloves need to have good grip design and finger protection.

Meanwhile, Let’s know some basic features before choosing your next gloves for goalkeeping functions.

Features Of Top Quality Goalkeeper Gloves.

Before I go on with some key attributes to look our for, free your thoughts from the big football brands like Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Puma, and co.

Note, these brands mentioned are equally top gloves brand for goalies but they are arguably expensive compared to what some other smaller gloves specialist can also offer for a cheaper price.

Though some of the big brands with great protection for outdoor and are among the list you will get to see as you read on. Notwithstanding the GK glove of your choice, check for the following characteristics.


The performance of your goalkeeping gloves has so much to do with the kind of materials and pattern of attaching them. They are mostly manufactured with latex and cuts patterns.

Latex palm design affects the level of grip and control you have on the ball, so this turns out to be one of the most important characteristics to consider for your gloves. While the cut pattern is the stitching lines between the latex palms and backhand materials.

Your gloves cut determine the level of comfort, feeling, and flexibility you get off the ball.

Comfort and Durable

Though the level of comfort varies from goalkeepers. Some prefer a specific brand because of cuts. However, most premium gloves are durable and made with soft materials, more padded, and top-quality liner within to ensure breathable.

Still, you may find it difficult to get an exact fit for your hands. But I encourage you to check your friends’ own and take a good look at feedbacks from past buyers.

Cost Efficiency

The efficiency of any gloves relatively relies on performance, comfort, and durability. We all know new brands and innovations are regularly introduced as new season steps in. But know that there are likely similar to the previous ones.

While some are over-priced with little upgrade in performance which may only be needed at the top level of soccer and not for a beginner.

You can get some cheap and valuable brands like Nike FA16’s for amateur age grade or local soccer activities because I usually recommend an average of $30-60 price range.

Gloves for goalkeepers withing such range are considerate in performance though they are made from weak materials, flat padding, and offer weak griping.

They are likely to worn out by ripping off after little time of usage and they are easily available in a sports shop near you.

If your budget is good and you intend to go for superb quality goalkeeping gloves for long-lasting performance, you have to put every other doubt behind you and go for products like Reuch Supreme G3 Fusion and Predator Adidas Ultimate Fingersave.

List of Best 9 Recommended Gloves for Goalkeepers

Here are some of the best goalkeepers gloves with finger protection considering the above features discussed above.

1. Kelme Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves under 100$

kelme soccoer goal keeper gloves

Kelme Soccer is known as one of the most famous Goalkeeping Gloves used for indoor and Outdoor activities. It can be used by individuals of any age ranging from kids to adults in different sizes and color.

In addition, these gloves are designed with match levels providing maximum durability to the players. Its thickness level is (3MM) with an additional level of layers to retain the safety measures. Furthermore, Kelme Soccer Gloves provide a strong grip over the ball because it uses German Latex in the manufacturing material.

That is why the La Liga Spanish team uses these gloves for the games. If such a huge team can trust Kelme for their sports activities, why can you not? Moreover, a high confidence level makes you feel confident before and during the match, and your confidence level is higher when you have trustable sportswear.

Therefore, Kelme Soccer is here to fulfill your satisfaction level by giving you extreme comfort to fingers protection that does not bend backward and also offers a 360° Strap System that provides the player with a secure fit all around the wrist.

Without thinking, I can say that Kelme Soccer Gloves are one of the most durable and high-quality gloves you can use if you find a real quality, so these gloves are worth buying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About kelme soccer gloves. 

Q: Can we use Kelme Soccer Gloves for training purposes? 

A: Yes, we can use Kelme Soccer Gloves for training purposes. It can be used in both Indoor and Outdoor sports and activities. 

Q: Is it suitable for the kids to use these gloves?

A: Yes, Kids above the age of 6 years old can easily use these gloves. 

Q: Can we use these Gloves in rainy weather conditions?

A: These Gloves provide extreme comfort to hands and less slippery in rainy weather. 

Q: What are the uses of Kelme Soccer Gloves?

A: There are many uses of Kelme Soccer Gloves. Like they can be used in sports by players. Moreover, they provide comfort while playing. These Gloves have long durability and provide excellent grip. 

Q: Is it provides full protection to the hands?

A: Its 360 Strap system gives full support to the wrist, and fingers do not bend backward, providing great coziness to hands.



  • Comfortable and Durable
  • High shock absorption
  • 360 ° Strap System
  • Extraordinary Grip over the ball
  • Match Level Thicker


  • Little slippery in Raining weather



2. T1TAN Soccer Goalie Gloves Adult: TOP PICK

T1TAN soccer goalie gloves

T1TAN Soccer Goalie Gloves are regarded as one of the professional goal keeper’s gloves for men, women, and youth in Alien White color. German national Goalkeeper Rene Adler is associated with it, and it is developed in Germany.

Moreover, these Gloves are a perfect choice for those who admire the brand. It is built with such innovative materials that these soccer gloves feel like a second skin on your hands. Furthermore, these soccer gloves wrap around the fingers and do not let the fingers twist, providing the finest fitness.

However, the Gloves’ composition consists of German Latex, which makes the ball stick to your hands in dry and wet conditions. Moreover, it is composed of a super-powerful backhand, ultra-light and injected silicone punching zone. These qualities make these gloves highly durable and comfortable. 

These gloves are also used by many professional goalkeepers like Bundesliga, Serie A, and MLS. If these professional goalies can trust on the T1TAN Soccer Goalie Gloves, then be one of them and choose these high-quality gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Q: Why choose T1TAN gloves?

A: The best reason to choose T1TAN gloves is their optimal fitness that makes great saves during matches and training. Furthermore, these gloves’ price is reasonable and much lesser than other famous brands. 

Q: Are these gloves comfortable to wear?

A: Yes, these gloves are comfortable to wear due to their ultra-light qualities and German Latex, making them perfect for everyday sports activities. 

Q: Are these gloves useful for hand injuries? 

Yes, these gloves hold the wrist tightly, which is more suitable in hand injuries to keep the hand in one place. 

Q: Are these gloves durable for use? 

A: Yes, these gloves are durable to use because it does not slip in wet conditions and grip of the gloves are outstanding. Moreover, the gloves provide excellent cushion to hands and a high grip to catch the balls. 



  • Excellent Grip
  • Great Fit
  • Ultra-light and super robust backhand
  • Injected Silicone punching zone
  • High-end Latex


  • Little tightness at the bottom


3. Renegade GK Triton : BEST VALUE PICK

Renegade GK Triton Raider with Pro-Tek Fingersaves

Renegade GK Triton Raider is among the top quality Goalie Gloves to trust. It has a Pro-Tek Fingersaves that gives you adequate performance on the ball. If you are conversant with the United States soccer league, you will notice Renegade as the official goalkeeper glove for NPSL and WPSL just to tell you the level of trust it has gain.

The grip and control performance is a die is highly recommendable and one to reckon with due to the German super grip latex specifically for hard ground.

Its thumb has a pre-arched design with a 180-degree wrap that improves grip on ball control and extra confidence. While the safety protection is made of 3.5 plus 3MM composite latex palm with a padded backhand for extra impact.

The wrist strap of this glove is something admirable as it offers maximum support, made with 8CM Airprene cuff and 3MM 360-degree duratek strap.

This brand is known for comfort regardless of the play level while it has great breathability because of the Triton’s 3D Airmesh.

Though the built may look difficult to pull off your hands, far easier than what a lot of persons thought due to the nylon strap that allows free wearing and pulling off. However, Renegade offers cheap but one of the best goalie gloves you can trust.


  • 3D Airmesh Body
  • DuraTek 4+2MM Latex Backhand
  • Durability and Comfort
  • Endo-Tek Pro Fingersaves
  • Internal Silicone Grips
  • Extended Palm
  • Breathaprene with Elastic Slit + 6CM Pro-Strap


  • Fairly solid goalie gloves

4. Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Pro 2

Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Pro 2 goalkeeper Gloves

Storelli is a sporting brand know for her expertise when it comes to gears. ExoShield Gladiator Legend 2 is one of the best goalie gloves manufactured by the brand.

Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Legend 2 is specially designed for professional goalkeepers who demand heavy-duty grip and impact protection.

Comfort and durability are among the top quality features with this pair with the body made with Nylon, Spandex foam, and Urethane foam.

The highest grade of German latex that gives extra grip is used and it is known to be used by top-level professionals.

This particular ExoShield Gladiator glove comes with removable finger spines that mitigate the chances of injuries and also allow customization. Though you can also go for the 2.0 without finger saves if you wish.

It has a negative cut with extra latex on the thumb that offers extra protection and a textured polybutylene punch zones for further security and control.

Also, a premium glove bag is not left out just like every other goalie gloves that come with it. Note, it has various sizes that you are to make a selection from and unisex in fashion.


  • Highest grade German latex
  • Excellent grip performance
  • Heavy duty impact protection
  • Removable finger saves for protection
  • Negative cut
  • Top quality material


  • Light drizzle that may not be suitable for wet condition
  • Pricey


5. Youth Adult Goalie Goalkeeper 

Youth Adult Goalie Goalkeeper

Youth Adult Goalkeeper Gloves are designed for professional goalkeepers who demand high protection and heavy-duty grip. Moreover, professionals use these gloves for the toughest saves during matches.

It consists of water-resistant latex palms that give resilient grip and control for catching. In addition, the designed cuts on the gloves gives the best ball contact while playing. As you know, in the match and during training sessions, hands often get injured.

Here is the solution to this problem, these Youth Adult Gloves have a new, improved BACKBONE finger save system. These goalies help the players and protect the Hyper-Extended finger injuries. Moreover, its thick padded foam gives extra comfort to the palm for comfortable sports activities. Furthermore, its double wrist safeguard feature contract the muscles better, which reduces the sprained wrist risk.

However, the composite materials used in the manufacturing of these gloves are Latex and EVA because they are strong enough. Moreover, it’s designed with a breathable material to make sure to keeep your hands free from sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: How many mm of Latex does it has?

A: It has 9MM of Latex, and it’s water-resistant, providing a strong grip. 

Q: Do these gloves have any kind of finger protection?

A: These gloves have a BACKBONE finger save system that gives finger protection and protection to injuries. 

Q: Do these gloves have grip?

A: These gloves have thick padded latex foam, which gives the palm a high quality to hold a ball. 

Q: How good are these gloves on a scale of 1-10 in good efficiency?

A: You can check the reviews; they are the top-rated gloves, and players like them. 

Q: Are these gloves reasonable and serviceable? 

A: Yes, these gloves are reasonable and serviceable as well. You can see the description of the services it provides to the customers. 



  • Finger and Palm Protection with BACKBONE finger save system
  • Water-Resistant Latex
  • Double designed wristband
  • Unique for injuries
  • Thick padded latex foam


  • Drizzle that may not be suitable for wet condition



6. Brace Master Goalie Gloves

Brace Master Goalie Gloves

Brace Master Goalie Gloves is professional sportswear with its unique design, high quality and tight stitching but providing extra-ordinary comfort to hands.  These Gloves are fit for adult and youth, men and women in training and gaming.

Furthermore, it has eye-catching appearances and full of various sizes and colour. It is specifically designed with inner layer is knitted elastic and outer layer is wound bandage which contracts the muscles of the wrist better and holds the hand in a better position.

In addition, it is composed of 3MM German latex and foam which one hand provides anti-slip quality and on the other hand, provides maximum support for better grip of the ball. Moreover, another super quality of these Brace Gloves is that it has a finger save inside which gives cushioning protection to fingers in toughest saves. Therefore, these gloves are called Brave gloves, so just enjoy the role of the goalkeeper by using these gloves for toughest saves. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Are these gloves durable if I have a game twice a week?

A: Yes, why not! You can use these gloves for as much games as you can. They are durable for a game twice a week. 

Q: How should I choose the right size?

A: You can check the size chart as a guide to choose a suitable size for yourself. 

Q: Do this goalkeeper gloves have very strong finger protection?

A: Yes, it has finger save inside, which provides a strong finger protection.  

Q: Does the goalkeeper hold the ball steady?

A: Yes, it has anti-slip quality which makes it better to hold the ball steady.


  • Finger save quality
  • Eye-Catching Appearance
  • Double wrist strap
  • 3+3MM latex palm
  • Anti-slip and water-resistant


  • Non-removable finger save


7. FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves: BEST GOAL KEEPER GLOVES  FOR KIDS  UNDER 100$

FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves

You can reveal your inner athlete by choosing FitsT4 Goalie Gloves due to its mind-blowing abilities. These Gloves are composed of high quality DUMBEX LATEX which provides exchange of high breathable air in humid and hot weather.

Moreover, it’s very light weight and highly comfortable with 8 CM elastic bandage for spare fit wrist and to reduce the sprains. Furthermore, it gives extra finger protection including the 5 spines to maintain flexibility and reduce finger injuries.

The FitsT4 Goalie Gloves have a strongest grip of ball due to 3MM German latex and foam that is useful in all weather conditions. In addition, these gloves are appropriate for trainings as well and for kid’s level to the high schools. It also gives comprehensive protection to the palm while punching the ball. If you want to experience an ultimate feeling go and grab these gloves and be a confident athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it finger protection removable?

A: No, it’s fixed and you cannot remove the finger protection because it has fixed BACKBONE finger save system.

Q: Does the thumb have the protective spine?

A: No, the thumb does not have protective spine.

Q: Can I use these gloves in hot weather?

A: Yes, you can use it in hot weather as it contains moisture permeability for exchange of air.

Q: How should I clean these gloves after playing in rain?

A: You should clean it with wet cloth easily and use it again.


  • Finger save quality
  • Moisture permeabilitY
  • BACKBONE Finger Save systeM
  • High quality elastic
  • Wraparound Wrist band


  • Need to be clean to maximize efficiency


8. Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves Goalkeeper Glove: BEST BUDGET CHOICE 

Malker Soccer Goalie Gloves Goalkeeper Glove

Malker soccer goalie gloves are designed practically with 4MM natural Latex foam and astonishing grip and force specifically in rainy days. It has large area of auxiliary buffering, larger palm surface, and high viscosity which helps the gloves to maximize the friction level.

Furthermore, its curved design helps in improving the stability to catch the ball. Moreover, the fingers in these gloves are embedded in such a manner that it protect the fingers from injuries.

The players can feel extreme comfort because of the air permeability feature of these gloves. Breathable mesh fabric is used to prevent the hands from sweating and allows proper exchange of the air.

In addition, the gloves are designed with Double wrist safeguard which maintains the fitness and comfort of the wrist. One of its incredible feature is that it is water-resistant and non-slippery and offers a strong grip of ball during rain. These Gloves are designed for kids to adult age and for their daily life games and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are these gloves machine washable?

A: Yes, these gloves are machine washable.

Q: How can I purchase the gloves?

A: You can check amazon to check the price and purchasing method.

Q: Is the item durable?

VYes, its durable and high quality gloves.

Q: Is this item easy to use?

A: Yes, its incredible feature make these gloves easy to use.


  • Double-wrist protection
  • Water resistant
  • Finger and Palm protection
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • High viscosity





Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves is ranked as one of the top-rated goalie gloves with its Microbe-Guard quality. This Microbe-Guard feature makes these soccer gloves unique by providing “Triple Action” effectiveness and destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Furthermore, these gloves are gentler to human skin and eliminate all fungi and viruses. It is available in four different colors and sizes. The most amazing feature of these gloves is that they are made up of high German Hyper Grip latex, which provides 180° pre-arched palm and thumb wrap for instant grip.  

In addition, it gives 100% protection to fingers and does not bend backward. Its 3MM + 3.5 blended latex palm, 8CM neoprene cuff, as well as 360 ° Duratek strap perfectly hold the wrist. Moreover, it is easy to wear due to its nylon strap, and the body ensures great breathability due to Vulcan’s 3D super Mesh.

You can completely trust Renegade GK and buy it now because it’s a part of the US’s largest super leagues, such as WPSL and NPSL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the best youth goalie gloves?

A: I can say that the best youth Goalie gloves are Renegade GK Vulcan due to their extra-ordinary features and, most specifically, a microbe-Guard feature that provides full protection against bacterial infections.

Q: Are renegade goalie gloves good?

A: Yes, Renegade GK Vulcan gloves are good in comfort, protection, and durability with their Triple action effectiveness.

Q: How long should goalie gloves last?

A: Renegade GK Vulcan lasts for many years as it’s manufactured from a high-quality material like German Latex and breathability due to Vulcan’s 3D super Mesh.

Q: Should goalie gloves be tight?

A: No, Renegade GK Vulcan is not tight because it uses a 360 ° Duratek strap to hold the wrist.


  • Perfect Grip
  • Durability
  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Microbe-Guard feature


  • Somewhat a bulky glove

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